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High on Pond Scum: When Will Aviation Biofuels Justify the Hype? | Txchnologist   Leave a comment

A further analysis of the development of  aviation fuel from renweable sources such as algae. Sustainable aviation fuel can be produced ….scability and affordability are part of the limiting factors. Self – sufficientcy also has to be factored in…national secutrity definitely is an influencing factor.

“Despite the obvious appeal of biofuels for energy security and environmental sustainability, analysts, researchers and even some within the industry remain skeptical that large numbers of passengers will be kept aloft by pond scum and scrub plants anytime soon. Scalability an issue The issue isn’t whether biofuels can power jets – that’s largely been proven.The question is whether biofuels can be produced at a large enough scale to offset petroleum use – some 19 million barrels per day, according to RAND.Yields from camelina, jatropha and other seed oils are so low that they could only provide a fraction of a percent of oil’s production, according to Bartis.”

via High on Pond Scum: When Will Aviation Biofuels Justify the Hype? | Txchnologist.

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Agriculture: Beyond food versus fuel : Nature : Nature Publishing Group   Leave a comment

“One of the trickiest problems arising from the competition between biofuels and food production is land use. Ideally, biofuel crops would be grown on marginal land that has a low carbon stock, leaving the higher quality soil for food production, says Ian Crute, chief scientist at the Kenilworth-based Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. But, in reality, the profitability of energy crops has caused farmers to shift production from food crops to fuel crops, creating a ripple effect, says Olivier Dubois, coordinator of the FAO’s Bioenergy Group in Rome. “Food crops still have to be produced somewhere,” he says. And that means finding additional land and converting it for agricultural use.”


via Agriculture: Beyond food versus fuel : Nature : Nature Publishing Group.

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