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Minority Report at 10: a look at technology from today to 2054 — Engadget   Leave a comment

Interesting overview and backcasting look at ” The Minority Report ” film and its forward looking human – computer interaction and targeting info push technology….

“Well before filming got underway, Spielberg gathered together a team of experts from a variety of fields for a three-day think tank. That included people like virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier, Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly, Whole Earth Catalog and WELL founder Stewart Brand, writer Douglas Coupland, and a number of other scientists and researchers. They were tasked not only with making sure the filmmakers got things straight, but with dreaming up and thinking through much of the technology that fills the film’s universe.

The stand-out piece of technology from the movie is undoubtedly the gesture interface that’s used to interact with the “Precrime” system central to the film (more on that later).”….

via Minority Report at 10: a look at technology from today to 2054 — Engadget.


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How to Spot the Future | Epicenter |   Leave a comment

Futurists ….like other talents and talented ones ….is it a case of “Nature or is it Nuture” ?

Perhaps the answer begins by thinking about and recognizing some of the principles put forward in this article….

So how do we spot the future—and how might you? The seven rules that follow are not a bad place to start. They are the principles that underlie many of our contemporary innovations. Odds are that any story in our pages, any idea we deem potentially transformative, any trend we think has legs, draws on one or more of these core principles. They have played a major part in creating the world we see today. And they’ll be the forces behind the world we’ll be living in tomorrow.”

via How to Spot the Future | Epicenter |

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