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The role of government in a crowdsourcing world | Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum   Leave a comment

“When the SpaceX Dragon Capsule touched down last week in the Pacific Ocean after its successful unmanned mission to the International Space Station, it brought back with it from near orbit an increasingly undeniable truth: governments are losing their monopoly over managing certain complex tasks.

Indeed, as access to information increases and the cost of collaboration decreases, so too does our dependency on governments to manage complexity. As a result, a newly empowered civil society is reclaiming its rightful place between governments and free markets as a viable alternative that is capable of solving big problems. Through the use of crowdsourcing – fueled by general good will along with well-designed economic incentives – societies can now tap previously inaccessible creative potential of the masses. By shortening the distance between our collective intentions and our collective will, the message we send to governments is: The people have finally arrived

Projects like the SpaceX Dragon Capsule demonstrate, however, that governments need not disappear, but instead need to transform themselves in certain instances from service providers to service enablers. In the areas where governments do continue to act as service providers, they can take advantage of crowdsourcing to improve the quality of services they deliver.

AN : The role of government does not have to be an either  (only the gov’t) / or (not the gov’t) but rather you ( delegation to other sector ) / we ( partner with gov’t).

The role of collaboration and crowdsourcing is gathering momentum and value in our governance practises.

via The role of government in a crowdsourcing world | Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum.

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What Matters: Supporting innovation: Why and how   Leave a comment

Innovation. Is it innate in us or is it a skill that can be fostered in individuals and our societies ? Either way , it is a hallmark of the health and the lifeblood of our economies and a secret to our prosperity.

“Perhaps the true genius of the modern economies that emerged in the 19th century was that they achieved mass innovation, by encouraging diverse business people to come up with new ideas, by requiring that these new ideas “make it” with the public, not the government, and by allowing these ideas to compete for the support of entrepreneurs and financiers possessing a pluralism of beliefs, so that ideas that were suspect because of their great novelty would have a chance.”

via What Matters: Supporting innovation: Why and how.

A great application of the information in this article about innovation is to see the evidence and stirrings of innovation in your own Community and Country . Thought Leadership is about stirring up that creativity and innovation and moving that forward to fruitful fulfillment for the betterment of all.

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Digitizing the Big Apple | Sustainable Cities Collective   Leave a comment

“executiv e summary

New York City is one of the world’s leading digital metropolises.

As Part I: State of the Digital City illustrates, New York City government

engages over 25 million people a year through more than 200

digital channels including, mobile applications, and social

media. As a pioneer in Open Government, New York City government

has unlocked thousands of public records, enabling technologists

to build tools that help New Yorkers everyday, from finding

parking spaces to listening to audio tours of Central Park. One of

the nation’s most connected municipalities, New York City’s digital

sector growth propelled it to rank second in venture capital funding

last year. By every digital index, the City of New York is thriving.

But we can do more. Road Map for the Digital City outlines a path

to build on New York City’s successes and establish it as the world’s

top-ranked Digital City, based on indices of Internet access, Open

Government, citizen engagement, and digital industry growth.

Part II: Digital Input is informed by 90 days of research and over

4,000 points of engagement from residents, City employees, and

technologists who shared insights and ideas”

Digitizing the Big Apple | Sustainable Cities Collective.

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