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The dangerous, beautiful life of a Lego minifig photographer | The Verge   1 comment

The dangerous, beautiful life of a Lego minifig photographer | The Verge.

“UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte specializes in dramatic light art and long exposures of the night sky, but some of his most striking work involves helping an inch-high fellow photographer get a good shot. For over a year, Whyte has been shooting what he calls the “Legography” series, starring a Lego minifig with a bulky black camera and a penchant for exploration. The minifig travels with Whyte, waiting to be posed scaling a fence, watching the sunrise, or playing tourist in London.

In order to allow for some portability and spontaneity, the Legography series is shot on an iPhone, initially the 4S and now the 5S. Whyte uses app 645 Pro to get more manual control over his shots than the default camera software would allow, then processes them in Snapseed before uploading them to theLegography Facebook page. “As an exploration of mobile photography, the project was very enlightening and quite liberating — to know I could be just about anywhere and still keep on top of things,” says Whyte. The rest of his photography can be found at Long Exposures.”

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