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YouTube – ‪Pat Metheny – The Sound Of Silence!‬‏   Leave a comment

The familiar can takes twists….what a wonderful current rendition of ” The Sound of Silence ”  Enjoy !

“The track “The Sound Of Silence” composed by Paul Simon is taken from Pat Metheneys fantastic new solo album “Whats It All About”, released in June 2011 by Nonesuch Records. Listen & enjoy it.This brilliant acoustic album from the legendary multiple Grammy Award-winning composer, guitarist, and leader Pat Metheny is a perfect easy listening album. After nearly 40 recordings under his name, this marks the first time there is not a single Metheny composition represented. Rather, “Whats It All About” comprises 10 classic songs, some very well known, that hold personal meanings for the guitarist.Metheny recorded the songs on “Whats It All About” late at night, in his New York City home over a short period of time. In selecting which ones to put to tape, Metheny says: “I wanted to record some of the music that was on my radar before I ever wrote a note of my own, or in a few cases, even before I played an instrument. I was born in 1954 and all of these songs were in the Top 40 during my childhood and early teen years. It was a period when harmony and melody were still important and viable elements in popular music. Every one of these tunes has something going on that is just hip on a musical level, no matter how you cut it. They have all stuck with me over the years”.Most of the record was made using the acoustic baritone guitar, with following exception: Paul Simons “The Sound of Silence” is played on a 42-string custom made “Pikasso” guitar which gives it a dense shimmering sound with an almost Japanese Kyoto effect, beautifully building momentum thru the silences.”

Artist: Pat Metheny

Album: “Whats It All About”

Label: Nonesuch Records

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The Music Runs Through Our Veins   Leave a comment

…”As social animals, we want to discover and share music, and external forces are working in concert to unbundle all types of media. These forces helped produce services like Grooveshark and Rdio, new incarnations of the Rhapsody subscription model, where users pay monthly fees to access catalogs and additional fees to carry that music with them. In parallel, services like Shazam and SoundHound help us identify music we hear, and,, and 8tracks help us create new playlists and keep track of what we listen to over time.

In 2011, these primal urges have roared to life, producing a flurry of services aimed at helping us discover, share, and network around music experiences. A few have built on the “following/follower” model, such as SoundCloud, which allows users to capture and share a variety of sounds (not limited to music), and SoundTracking, which allows users to broadcast the songs they’re currently listening to. A new service, Rexly, adds a recommendation layer on top of iTunes accounts, built on the intuition that we don’t discover music we like via the wisdom of the crowd, but rather through a small group of influential friends we admire. All of these companies are interesting in the sense that they create a dedicated channel for us to discover, share, and build relationships around music online.

Then there’s the 800-pound gorilla in the room: Facebook. The current rumor is that the largest social network will shortly launch a new offering integrated with Spotify that gives users access to a massive song catalog, with the added sweetener that Facebook already has captured information around what musicians we “like,” giving it an opportunity to provide targeted add-on services alongside our favorite tracks. With Sean Parker advising Spotify, it seems as if his presence alone will make this happen on a massive scale.”


via The Music Runs Through Our Veins.

Music sharing evolves….

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YouTube – Jewel – Break Me (Live)   Leave a comment

YouTube – Jewel – Break Me (Live).

A simple supplication….but so soulful.

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YouTube – Gregorian Chants – Amazing Grace (**Beautiful Christian song & music**)   Leave a comment

This puts it all into perspective….

YouTube – Gregorian Chants – Amazing Grace (**Beautiful Christian song & music**).

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