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Good Thinking is Good Questioning. | Slavoj Žižek | Big Think   Leave a comment

“There are not only wrong answers.  There are also wrong questions.  There are questions which deal with a certain real problem but the way they are formulated they effectively obfuscate, mystify, confuse the problem. ”

via Good Thinking is Good Questioning. | Slavoj Žižek | Big Think.


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RAND, Cold Warriors and the Failure of ‘Rational Choice Philosophy’ –   Leave a comment

You may have to read the complete article several times to understand the full impact of its tenets . Rational choice  theory and rational choice philosophy , its origins and manifestations  can help us to discern elements in the approach that our Governments and Countries are making in economic and societal governance fronts….even the thrust for democracy in the ” Arab Spring ” Middle East.


“But the real significance of rational choice philosophy lay in ethics. Rational choice theory, being a branch of economics, does not question people’s preferences; it simply studies how they seek to maximize them. Rational choice philosophy seems to maintain this ethical neutrality (see Hans Reichenbach’s 1951 “The Rise of Scientific Philosophy,” an unwitting masterpiece of the genre); but it does not. Whatever my preferences are, I have a better chance of realizing them if I possess wealth and power. Rational choice philosophy thus promulgates a clear and compelling moral imperative: increase your wealth and power!

Today, institutions which help individuals do that (corporations, lobbyists) are flourishing; the others (public hospitals, schools) are basically left to rot. Business and law schools prosper; philosophy departments are threatened with closure.”

via RAND, Cold Warriors and the Failure of ‘Rational Choice Philosophy’ –

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How the ‘ecosystem’ myth has been used for sinister means | Environment | The Observer   Leave a comment

How the ‘ecosystem’ myth has been used for sinister means | Environment | The Observer.

I post this because it reflects a number of principles in the dynamic of human society  :

1. That some of the actions and movements within socity today can be understood in terms of biological systems …or maybe understood ( a theory is a theory …unless it imperceptably becomes closer to reality and the truth due to repetitive and rigorous testing of the hypothesis ).

2. That sometimes we can better understand today’s thinking because it actually has roots in earlier thinking , whose authors are now gone but whose concepts are not , but persist  in some morphed form or other.

3. Altruistic power is an ideal  but  mostly exists as an oxymoron or as a double standard …what applies to you does apply to you ( and only you ) , but what applies to you does not necessarily apply to me.

Orwell’s Animal Farm said it best ” all animals are equal…just some are more equal than others  ( paraphrased ) “.

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