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Obama confidant on Murdoch’s misdeeds – The Globe and Mail   Leave a comment

Murdock’s misdeeds…the view from an Obama confidant … and yes , the feeding and the dining at the table of the media slant from Fox  News etc does affect  a certain significant portion of the USA public’s views on political issues.

And they wanted to create a ” Fox News Canada”….


“Here’s Mr. Podesta on troubles at a media company that has made a mission out of harassing the U.S. President:

“Fox in particular … is a significant factor in the structure of the dialogue and media in the [United] States … if you look at people’s attitudes by where they get their news from – you can go back to the Iraq war, climate change, a number of factors – regular Fox viewers’ knowledge of just the factual basis of public debates, you see it’s quite different from people who get their news from other sources.

“So there’s no question that it’s been significant in public life and political life in the United States …”

via Obama confidant on Murdoch’s misdeeds – The Globe and Mail.

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