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Turn Your Daunting Project Backlog into a Fun and Actionable QR Code To-Do List   Leave a comment

“There’s no way around it: using a to-do list is boring. Perhaps you enjoy making the list, but when you need to choose an item you’re faced with a daunting page of text. If you want to forego the dull and standard structure, here’s a system that’ll bring a little fun and surprise to your task management.”

AN : the New Year brings with it new and re-newed resolutions. Here is an article with some steps to handle the traditional To Do list in a more creative and random manner. Enjoy.

via Turn Your Daunting Project Backlog into a Fun and Actionable QR Code To-Do List.

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Augmented Reality Kills The QR Code Star | Fast Company   Leave a comment

Powerful overlay augmented reality application that outdoes QR codes.

“You may recognize this kind of function: Its what QR codes have been used for until now, on everything from advertising to business cards to Sonys EyePet interactive PlayStation game. A QR code is basically a machine-recognizable system that contains short snippets of text, a phone number, or a web link–but to access it you need a compatible app, and you have to plaster the QR code in a clearly readable way onto the object, be it a mag advert or a website. This is powerful, but clumsy.And Layars made it a little irrelevant–the object itself is now the real world “tag,” and because Layar is a browser, it lets the data associated with the tag be much richer and more dynamic than a QR code could manage.”


via Augmented Reality Kills The QR Code Star | Fast Company.

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