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Grey parrots shown to have the reasoning skills of toddlers   Leave a comment

“Biologists know that calling someone a “birdbrain” is totally unfair. Birds are much smarter than we give them credit for and they’re often observed doing some amazing things — like corvids who can retrieve pieces of food tied to string, or woodpeckers who fashion wood scoops out of tree bark to carry honey home to their young.

And as a recent study has shown, the African Grey parrot may be the brainiest of them all — a bird that we know now can make inferences and reason like a three-year-old child.”

AN : I have been around African Grey parrots and can attest to their superior interactive and intelligence with respect to other birds. They can accumulate quite a vocabulary as well…

via Grey parrots shown to have the reasoning skills of toddlers.

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An Introduction to Mental Models | Farnam Street   1 comment

Our world view and processing of facts and data get cobbled together in models in our mind. The following article helps us to understand what mental models are and how they fit into the Logic paradigm….

“The Cambridge Handbook of Thinking and Reasoning:

How do we think? One answer is that we rely on mental models. Perception yields models of the world that lie outside us. An understanding of discourse yields models of the world that the speaker describes to us. Thinking, which enables us to anticipate the world and to choose a course of action, relies on internal manipulations of these mental models.

via An Introduction to Mental Models | Farnam Street.

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